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Vicronald was established in 2008 and has always been a part of the industrial structure of Guangdong Furniture Zone. Technological innovation, style research, and ecological awareness are integral parts of Vic's unique vision for design, which are transformed into solutions for furniture and environmental functional division.

The Vic product is a composite system that combines indoor storage, wall panels, doors, cabinets, and an increasingly diverse collection of complexes: The Vic product system is a project concept developed in collaboration with designers and can be transformed into a solution for contemporary life design.  From domestic to professional fields, our products are exquisitely supplied. 

Since its establishment in 2008, the customization industry has been one of the leading industries in the furniture industry of the Pearl River Delta in Guangdong.  Technological innovation, style research, and environmental awareness are the pillars of true and exclusive Vic design.

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The realization of this vision is reflected in the decoration plans and functional divisions of different residential areas. The modular decoration system in residential areas, including wall panels, wooden doors, bookshelves, sliding doors, door, wardrobe, and cloakroom height setting systems, as well as an increasingly wide selection of accessories, is the result of cooperation with Vic. The integration of Italian design with national style is Vic's reference design foundation. We have determined our own specific solutions in residential design, and we adopt a global supply chain system, constantly innovating technology, researching design concepts Ecological conscience is a component of our visual pillar, and the unique Italian design blends with national style, which leads to Vic. 

Decoration and separation of space.  Modular system for indoor storage, wall panels, doors, cabinets, and a range of rich accessories;  The concept developed in collaboration with numerous outstanding designers, although we are not an artist, is transformed here into various specific solutions for contemporary decoration, environment, home and space professionals.  From the wave of customization rise, we have always been an important component of home manufacturing.  Transforming high-end products into high definition solutions for customers is an ideal we have always pursued.  Vic's modular system is a collection of supplements to the customization industry: designers' design concepts will be implemented by Vic, which will transform high-end design concepts into specific solutions for contemporary life, defining and nesting them one by one from family space to professional space, presenting them perfectly.

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Vicrona-Jusen is Chinese, it is global, it is rooted in Chinese tradition, and it is a future design that is ahead of the world.

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