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Wooden veneer recessed skirting (aluminum alloy/stainless steel)

The height of the top and bottom foot lines can be left 20mm-40mm

Can be placed to fit perfectly with the wall

Does not accumulate dust and is easy to clean

Standardized Nodezua Standardized Node (4)cmf

Series: Stained Oak Veneer

Country of Origin: Italy

Color: Vic-3108 straight grain stained oak

Features: The wood grain is three-dimensional and beautiful, the color is bright and long-lasting, and it is natural

New wooden decoration made of native wood through modified physical and chemical treatment

In terms of environmental protection and health, it also has strong plasticity. You can customize it according to your needs.

Haoke perfectly restores all kinds of natural precious wood veneers, which are derived from nature and Better than nature.

Standardized Node (3)7p5 Standardized Node (2)9lo

Series: Leather Leather

Country of Origin: Germany

Color: thin fragrant rice SP03

Features: Natural texture and rich and calm tones, softening the overall

It not only enhances the ambience of the space, but also immediately enhances the luxury level of the home.

Leather soft bags appear rich, elegant, warm and friendly in home decoration.

The sense of intimacy flows freely in the space. In addition to beautification and decoration, the leather.

Leather's extremely strong sound absorption, sound insulation, moisture-proof, and anti-collision functions are also highly regarded.

Good reviews.