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Strict Material Selection StandardsStandards

Strict Material Selection Standards (1)bnt

Super Flat Plywood

Base board: E0 ultra-flat solid wood multi-layer board

Board core material: full eucalyptus wood core (origin: Indonesia)

Formaldehyde release: less than 0.05ml/L (desiccant method)

Flatness standard: less than 0.1mm

Customized plates: height up to 4050mm (domestic conventional 2440mm)

Before processing, the thickness must be sanded to ensure that the thickness of the base layer remains the same.

Dimensions to ensure accurate product dimensions.

Testing Standards For Plates

Taking a 15mm plate as an example, use a micrometer to take 14 sampling points at the edge and center of the plate to detect, and the thickness error is less than 10 filaments (reference: the thickness of 70g A4 printing paper is about 10 filaments)

Moisture content: absolute dryness test

Take a piece of 1200mm*600mm plate, cut it into 5 equal parts after planning and marking, keep one piece as a sample, put the remaining four pieces into the oven, bake at 200 degrees for two hours, take it out, compare with the sample plate, and mark it The line markings and the overall deformation coefficient of the board are used to evaluate the stability of the batch in extreme environments. The line markings are consistent, indicating that the expansion and contraction deformation coefficient of the board's width meets the requirements. The overall joints at the edges are flat, indicating that the overall warping deformation of the board is The coefficients meet the requirements.

This type of board is a raw material that meets the product standards of Vicrona Orange, thereby ensuring that the board is stable and not deformed in any environment.

Strict Material Selection Standards (2)uf2
Strict Material Selection Standards (3)72o

We strictly follow the following principles in the use of veneer:

Use the same batch of veneer raw materials according to the area to be applied.

(According to the plan, taking into account the losses in each link, an area of ​​100 square meters requires the inventory of the same batch of raw materials to reach 200 square meters before it can be used)

In order to ensure the overall effect of the plan, it is strictly forbidden to mix different logs and veneers from different batches.

In order to ensure the overall effect of the solution, the veneer used in the same plane needs to be cut to ensure consistent width and height. Due to the difference between the width of the raw material and the surface width of the product in actual application, the material needs to be cut to fit the surface width of the product. Size, the raw material loss of products in this link is 30%-50%.

1. When cutting and piecing the veneer of each plane in each area, the veneer worker must make accurate calculations with reference to the drawings. If the same veneer raw material must be used in the same area or the same plane, if there is a defect in the veneer, then The entire area needs to be scrapped and redone, and materials cannot be replenished.

2. In order to ensure the overall effect of the plan, the veneers must be arranged when assembling the veneers.

Treatment must be done in the same area, the pattern and structure of the veneer surface

Bar and other special natural texture features must be consistent in the same plane.

Strict Material Selection Standards (4)89m